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The big birthday bash...

Well, it was a birthday bash!!! xstofer turned the big 35 Wednesday...and we went out to celebrate the best way you can on a Wednesday night...with The Pocket Elvis!!!

The night started at The Rail Restaurant, as they have hefeweizen and food! Then, it was off to The Continental Room. We were not the only ones celebrating a birthday...the gal next to us had just turned 21 on Tuesday! We snapped a few shots before the show...

xstofer wasn't sure he could pull this shirt off...but I assured him that no one else would ;^) As Wednesday is his Friday, he spent much of the wait this way:

I on the other hand spent the time like this:

Because we didn't get a shot of them together last time, here is on of Kirk with xstofer and my shoes:

just look at this happy gal! He wished xstofer a happy birthday!!!







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