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Tuesday night blues...

It's Tuesday night, which means it's been 6 nights since Fullerton has had its Elvis fix! To fill the void, I thought I would post some pix of The King...

Look, more Elvis Tipping, caught on film!

To help with the change issue, how funny would it be if we got Elvis one of these:

I'll work on it!

In the mean time, here are some more pix of Kirk!

In this picture, he looks so much like Little Timmy Reeder...(I'm really pissed off that Timmy is stuck at DCA as the bell-hop at HTH :^(

And how jealous am I of this guy?

It is funnier when Kirk has the "real men" spank the Elvis (so not a euphemism) but let the ladies have a smack at it ;^) Plus, if you don't, this is what is bound to happen...

I know that isn't much of a deterrent...but maybe!

All good things must come to an end, and here is a picture of Wednesday nights that brings a tear to my eye...

Okay, it doesn't, but it does mean no Elvis in Fullerton for another week...

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